The application must be submitted in advance online until the 14th of May 2022. Either at the competition camp on 13 -14 May 2022.

Registration of participants and distribution of start bibs will take place in the camp on the 14th May 2022


We strongly condemn the war of aggression against the sovereign state of Ukraine by the Russian government, that is disregarding all the values of humanity and sport. We join the sanctions issued by the most of sport organizations and federations worldwide and decided that athletes from Russia will be suspended from competing at Bzhuzha Race. We understand that Russian athletes that don’t support the actions of their government are being punished - but the cost for athletes and people in Ukraine is much higher.


Entry fee in the amount of GEL 35 paid participants at registration on a site

Entry fee includes:

  • participation in competitions

* Mandatory requirement of registration - the existence of a health insurance policy valid on the territory of Georgia in the period from 14-15th May 2022

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