Qualification – downriver time trial race, all involved.

Each participant has to make two runs.

Best run counted.



The lower section of the river, without big rapids

Difficulty - Class II - III

Length - 200 meters (1-2 minutes)


Long Race


Downriver time trial race

TOP 15 man and TOP 4 women after qualification are involved

All participants will  have only one run



The very lower part of the river in the village Gomi, several local long rapids

Difficulty - class III 

Length - 2 km (5-10 minutes)


Whitewater festival


- Whitewater safety rescue course

- Guided trips on the all section of the river

- Whitewater kayak master class

- Packraft test drive


Bzhuzha race winner


The winner is the participant with the best result of Long race



The award will be carried out in the disciplines of man and women:

Winner of Bzhuzha race - Material prizes for the best 3 place



Requirements for participants

To participate in competitions allowed athletes:

- 18 years of age

- With extreme kayaking experience on white water of not less than class II - III and good eskimo roll

- To provide medical insurance policy valid on the territory of Georgia during the period from 6th on the 7th May 2022

*The organizing committee reserves the right to refuse any athlete in the competition as a result of qualifications, as well as on the results of preliminary training.


Equipment requirements

Only mass-produced plastic whitewater kayaks of serial production with a maximum length of 275cm and minimum weight of 18kg will be allowed to race. All kayaks must have a middle pillar in foam or plastic in foot area and back.

Race Controllers reserve the right to refuse certain types of kayaks from being used. Please ensure;

There are grab loops front and back and your boat has suitable flotation with airbags.

Competitors/rescuers are required to wear an ICU approved helmet and Buoyancy Aid as well as sufficient protection against the cold e.g. a dry or neoprene suit.

Safety teams will be required to have between them: A mobile phone, a first aid kit, a pin kit. This is the safety leaders’ responsibility in addition a throw bag, knife and whistle for each member of the rescue team.

Race controllers reserve the right to prevent racers competing if they do not satisfy basic requirements or equipment provisions.

- Each participant must be equipped helmet and PFD.

- Each participant must have a throwline

*Competition Organizing Committee oversees the quality of equipment and reserves the right to refuse to use a party of a particular subject. In this case the participant must replace its equipment to the time of its launch.


Safety terms

Due to the fact that the competition with an increased risk for life, each participant shall bear full responsibility for their lives and health, which will be obliged to leave the corresponding entry in your application.

Security forces organized by the organizers and participants of the Competition. Organizers have the right to bring the participants to the organization of competitions insurance.

The participant is obliged to comply with the insurance of the organizers to ensure the safety of the Competition. If these requirements can lead to disqualification.

In an emergency situation the participant is obliged to stop the race and help the party caught in a dangerous situation.