Application must be submitted in advance online 8th of May 2019. Either the at competition camp  during 8rd May 2019.

Registration of participants and distribution of start bibs will take place in the camp  the 8th May 2019

Entry fee in the amount of GEL 50 paid participants at registration on a site

Entry fee includes:

  • participation in competitions
  • t-shirt

* Mandatory requirement of registration - the existence of a health insurance policy valid on the territory of Georgia in the period from 9th on the 10th May 2019

* By submitting this form you agree to the  terms and conditions of the competition.

* By submitting this form you agree to  use of personal data 


Participants List

Egor Voskoboynikov Russia , two blades
Ivan Kozlachkov Russia , WW-School
Ernan Cortés Columbia , petare club
Shalaevskaya Julia Russia , Kiviniemi
Joe Ryan England , Sin Eaters Guild
Kuznetsov Konstantin Russia
Jack pearl England
Bartosz Ksiezopolski Poland , Habazie
Stanislav Russian , kayaker/ru
Peter Csonka Slovensko , Slavia
Matej Boda Slovakia , jdns
James Fleming Scotland , None
sarah grant scotland
Matt Brook Scotland , Stirling
Andrii Lysenko Ukraine , kievkayaks
Aleksey Patrushev Russia , PermKayakTeam
Anton Sveshnikov Russia , WW-School
Viktoriya Nikitina Russia , Perm kayak club